21st Century Looks For A 21st Century SUV: The Ford Explorer

Though the Ford Explorer is a three-row SUV that has been in existence for many decades, this particular vehicle has managed to stay ahead of the field in the looks department. Of course, this SUV is capable of driving on multiple surfaces as well as offer extreme comfort, but how impressive does it look in contemporary society.

Well, the Ford Explorer is basically a sight for sore eyes. This SUV has a crisp finish that lacks any real distractions such as having too many emblems and badges. Other than the prestigious Blue Oval emblem, the Explorer has a fresh appearance. Its adaptive-LED lighting will automatically bend in the direction and motion of the vehicle. This SUV hosts flat surfaces and contoured grooves that produce a one of a kind look. You, the consumer, can also choose from four trim levels, including the Limited, ST, XLT and Platinum.

There you have it. If you're still curious about the Ford Explorer, then head over to our location for more information.

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