The Ford Fusion is back, and this time the vehicle has come with a surprise. This year’s Fusion model is providing its drivers with a plug-in vehicle. The Ford Fusion Energi is exciting, electric, and entertaining.

In fact, entertainment is the Fusion Energi’s middle name. The Fusion Energi comes equipped with plenty of exciting entertainment features. For example, all Fusion Energi comes gifts its drivers with an eight-inch infotainment system. The Energi’s infotainment system is very easy to navigate. This system can be used for easy and complex driving trips. This system can also be used to control heating, cooling, and music options.

Speaking of music, the Ford Fusion Energi is the perfect vehicle for music lovers. This vehicle has a 12-speaker luxury audio system. This vehicle also provides several music choices to drivers. Drivers can choose from HD radio, FM radio, and even AM radio options. MP3 music options are also available.


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